CRA bureau submission

We work with the major Credit Reference Agencies in the UK (Experian, Callcredit and Equifax) to enable finance, lending and utility companies to submit and receive data, through the data reciprocity agreement.

Our bureau team will help ensure that you meet the CRA submission requirements and standards so that you can access the CRA data services you need.


With over 30 years in the finance and leasing sector, our significant experience means that we are able to offer our customers invaluable insight and knowledge in a number of areas including:

  • Business process and optimisation
  • Calculations and compliance – APR’s, early settlements, quotations and agreement figures
  • Technology platform review and gap analysis
  • Infrastructure and networking

Bespoke Software Development

We understand that all businesses are unique and that bespoke software and technology can provide a distinct competitive advantage to tech savvy businesses.

Whether you need bespoke functionality, as part of your lending system, or a complete standalone piece of software, our highly skilled development team and significant experience can deliver a tailored solution that adds maximum value to your business.

Web Calculators

Our calculators are available in several forms - as standalone desktop tools , - as embedded components for integration within your own website or lending system and as low cost web services with consistent and simple API structures.

Our calculation tools include provision for APR, partial and early settlements, amortisations, commissions and payment profiles for regulated and non-regulated finance including personal loan, HP, PCP, contract hire, modified agreement and lease. 


Credit decision tools and engines

Full integrations to all of the major CRAs and third party data services are available. Our powerful and flexible credit decision software engine allows lenders to build complex workflows easily, for a rules based process that can be fully integrated within the underwriting sequence.

The credit decision engine enables both partial and full automation of the credit decision work flow, using the lenders underwriting and business rules to evaluate applications and third party data along with the ability to implement separate and distinct policies for different products.

Smart data views and decision interfaces enable users to analyse decisions and to interrogate data on a case by case or bulk basis. A simple user toolbox allows authorised users to configure the decision rules and parameters.