The Vienna platform supports a myriad of new business channels covering both direct to customer and introducer models, allowing total flexibility and optimisation of available routes to market. Fully integrated with the Vienna underwriting, contract administration and back-end, the new business platform allows a completely homogenous and streamlined approach to the point of sale lifecycle.

Introducer Web Portals

Our web based portals support introducers of all types including dealers, brokers, vendors, suppliers and internal representatives.

The introducer portals enable the configuration and automation of commission calculations and deal structure, as well as enabling introducers to track proposals and interact with the lender directly.

Customer Web Portals

Our customer facing self-service point of sale allows lenders to interact with their customers directly. Customers can apply and get decisions 24/7 online in fully branded, multi browser and multi device portals.

From quotation through to approval and e-sign agreements, the portal allows customers to seamlessly apply for finance directly.

XML interface and Vienna API

The Vienna XML interface and API enables the seamless integration of third parties to allow lenders to receive proposals directly from introducer systems.

Vienna’s new business module also includes:

  • E-signature process capability
  • Automated document generation and full document management
  • Proposal management and workflow
  • Application validation
  • Customer and introducer management