Comprehensive contract management functionality covers all of the in-life administration activities required to manage the entire life of an agreement, such as:

  • customer relationship and information management
  • asset management
  • payment date changes
  • early settlements
  • letter and statement generation
  • payment method changes
  • payment processing

Document Production

Fully integrated document manager covers all document production and storage requirements throughout the lending lifecycle and beyond.

Supports full and partial automation of document production, also with integration of SMS, E-mail and e-signatures.

Documents are stored at multiple levels including asset, contact and agreement.

Payment Processing

The Vienna system is capable of processing a variety of inbound and outbound payment methods. With both full and partial automation of pay-out, payment and posting processes available.

Supports fully integrated payment methods, including: direct debit, standing order and card payment


The Vienna system supports in-depth and complex reporting requirements through its granular level of data and comprehensive structures. This enables lenders to interrogate operational, performance and management data with ease.

  • Supports integration with data warehouse
  • Vast array of data sources
  • Comprehensive suite of standard reports
  • Ability to produce bespoke reports


Complex reporting regimes are supported, with integrated sales and purchase ledgers available and full integration with chosen general ledger.

In-depth accounting data and reporting enables reconciliation and analysis of all cash-flow items, across all portfolios and profit centres.